Is Fat Really Beautiful?

First off, let me just say that my weight has fluctuated between healthy and overweight for most of my life. Recently however, I decided to get back in shape and resolved to generally live a healthier lifestyle.

This past month and a half I’ve dropped quite a few kilograms. But here’s the thing, even though other people notice and give me compliments, when I look in the mirror I still feel fat and ugly.

This has had me thinking a lot about body image and fat shaming lately.

I feel like fat shouldn’t be synonymous with ugly. Being fat is just a state of being. A state that can be changed at any given time. It most certainly does not determine whether you are beautiful or not.

For me, your character determines your beauty. Some people are gorgeous, right up until  they open their mouths and your realize just how ugly they really are.

I am also totally against any form of fat shaming. It’s bullying. Period.

There is nothing more beautiful and empowering than women (and men) that build each other up, that acknowledges each others hard work and that supports each other through the tough times. That’s being a boss lady right there.

BUT… and this is a BIG BUT…

I also feel like some of these no-shame campaigns, with slogans like “FAT IS BEAUTIFUL”, are promoting unhealthy lifestyles. It is not okay to be overweight and obese. There is an endless list of serious health problems that comes with it.

Yes, we do need to love ourselves. Whether we’re fat or thin, doesn’t matter.

But self-love doesn’t just mean accepting ourselves as we are, it also means taking a stand and realizing that loving yourself means that you deserve the best for yourself! And once we can get our self to fully grasp that, real change can happen.

I’m not saying everyone should have six packs and tight buns. Just treat your body right by eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and getting regular exercise.

And of course treat yourself to the occasional pizza or doughnut.

But most importantly – love yourself, be healthy and be happy.

Because that is real beauty. ♥







2 thoughts on “Is Fat Really Beautiful?

  1. Bigger women are awesome, curvy, great and sexy. But health should always come first.

    Problem is saying that out loud often gets you accused of fat shaming, so people stop saying it, and being unhealthy becomes a way of life.


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